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In order for Windows Home Show Artistic

Different ways to generate lots of windows taken home that can look attractive, functional, and artistic. However, there are some fundamental things that sometimes we forget to design the windows become more beautiful and attractive. As a result, a few months the window was no longer looked attractive and seemed boring. In fact, you've done a variety of efforts, and maintenance. Certainly there is something wrong with our windows. Therefore, this article will take you to design the window to appear artistic, namely by selecting the appropriate spot and eye catching as well as how to choose an interesting element of the window.
Put in Place to Fit Window and Eye Catching

One of the mistakes made by designers is the time to put window openings that are less functional position into the exterior area. That is, for a maximum of space in it enough, but look less attractive.

You need to put in place an appropriate window, because if put in place that do not fit then to change back to the position of the window that is mounted instead will make you spend more and return to interrupt your time to renovate. During this time you may never see a window opening in place in one corner of the house without knowing its effect on the exterior aesthetics as well as their impact on our vision.

There are a few tips you can follow in order to generate the appropriate window openings and fitting visits as well as eye catching and interesting.

1.Pelajarilah movement of the sun coming out and drowned. So you can study the influence of movement of the sun on the space in the window openings so that wide and you can customize by the area of ​​Ada.

2.Sesuikanlah width and height of the window opening with a number of interior and usability of existing furniture in the room.

3.Komsposisikan window openings with your home design. There is a good idea to consult intensely with the architect you trust.

4.Jika you want a house with a window that has elements of high art, do not forget to menomersatukan comfort you as residents.

5.Cobalah to combine building materials are soft and hard, so you can have a safe and convenient window. For example, if you apply the elements of building stone in your home, then use the element aluminum is not that hard on the window material.

6.Selaraskanlah windows with garden design, shape or design of your home to get an impression of harmony.

Use the Additional Elements

In selecting the type of window openings are usually designers are faced with boredom and the desire to produce something different, either by making other kinds of other windows or modify it with additional elements around the windows.

Some of the common element that functions as a support can be applied so that the window could look different from other windows. Trellis can be made of aluminum, and wood and the exterior curtain as a replacement element.

Trellis iron, aluminum, and wood

Trellis can be mounted inside or outside the window. The function of the trellis in the room is as a safety and beautify the appearance of the window. While outside the window to the trellis function to inhibit excessive incoming solar or sun shading.
Trellis consist of material of iron, aluminum, and wood. For use outside bars of iron and aluminum materials because of strong and durable. While the wood trellis should be used at the window with a low security space in the example on. This trellis can be mounted directly on the side of the frame using bolts or screws so that the system is structurally strong.

Window Curtain

The curtains can be used when you want to have a romantic room, dim, and brightly lit. Using window blinds can give a different color on windows, so the window looks attractive and character .

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