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Utilizing a Narrow Land as a Place of Business

Narrow area is actually promising advantages for anyone who can cleverly use it as a place of business. However, unfortunately until now many people are not observant how to use a narrow land into a land although that could result in the coffers of dollars. This is due to lack of knowledge, but many business opportunities menjanjika for this narrow land. Among them, the agribusiness opportunities, shop, or any other business opportunity which is roughly matched by the climate and economic conditions in the local area.

Benefit from a narrow area, requires foresight and planning of the economy and the architecture is good. Why? Because this is of course related to capital planning, business types, the tricks to a narrow area can bring maximum benefit to you as a business. Here are some tips and tricks you can employ to anticipate a narrow area as a lucrative business opportunity.

Process as a Land Land narrow planting

However the condition of the narrow area in your home, or at your place with a few techniques you can use it as a place of gardening that can bring its own profit for you and your family at home. Moreover, with the farm you can eliminate boredom and stress at work. As for some farming techniques suitable for small farms is as follows.


Vertikultura means farming system that is placed vertically. This technique is to create a kind of shelf-rise on land that ada.Sedangkan material used to make this rack is wooden battens, bamboo, it could be asbestos. On the shelf that have been arranged this story you can put polybags as a growing medium for your plants.

The trick to this storied rack can contain plants with many frequencies, so it's good your shelf-rise made of split bamboo. In the bamboo you can put your plants without the use of pot. Only, the rack can accommodate this kind of kind of seasonal plants, such as vegetable and fruit crops.

Pot Technique

Narrow land that you can use as a place of cultivation of exotic plants and flowers. Choose seeds that seed has several advantages over the others. With a medium pot, both made of ceramic, zinc, etc. then the plant has good flexibility so you can move to and fro according to your needs. You can also move it in accordance with the rays of the famous mataahri good for plant growth. We recommend that the plants you choose the type of ornamental plants in order to get maximum results.


farming with hydroponics techniques produce distinct advantage for you as a business. Besides being dirty plants hydroponically is not fast, because it does not use the media soil, hydroponics is also a growing trend in urban areas who mostly lack land for cultivation. In order for plants to grow upright so enforcement is commonly used media such as sawdust, peat, or it could be zeolites.

Actually, many farming techniques with hydroponic techniques. For example farm with sterofom media that is inserted into a bath tub so it looks full and cover almost all the surface of the tub. From this capillary sterofom plants can absorb nutrients from the water around the tub area.


This planting technique utilizing a lot of technological advances. The technique is to utilize sterofom as growing media, it's just that this medium is suspended then the water as a source of nutrients in the spray with a good tool.

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